Welcome to the Text Classification Accelerator!

Business Needs for a Text Classification Accelerator:

Businesses want to realize the benefits of feedback/responses/reviews/critics/tweets data available in multiple internal and external data sources.
Text classification accelerator is an optimized engine generates Tags for untagged text data by building classification models on tagged data.

1.) Reduces the process of laborious and expensive ways to read each piece of feedback/response and classify them into different themes/topics
2.) Absolutely avoid human biases and errors in modelling
3.) Business has quick turnaround time and does scale infinitely to perform decision making

Test the App

To test the app, you can simply select a pre-loaded dataset by switching ON demo
After which you can follow instructions from the next box.

How to use the Text Classification Accelerator:

1.) Start by uploading your Tagged and Untagged csv files in the Accelerator Menu Panel.

2.) Select Text column and Tag column of your uploaded Tagged dataset. Tou can see the data snapshot in the same page.

3.) Then click Model from the side panel and select the algorithm you want to perform. You can choose all models as well. (or independent variable).

4.) You can see Accuracies and Confusion Matrix across Models.

5.) The algorithms will run on the uploaded dataset and provide Tags for uploaded untagged dataset.

6.) You may Download the dataset with tags from different algorithms from the Output panel.

Select individual model for Confusion Matrix